Discontinued starting from January 1st, 2014.

Fresh and salt waters in a single product !

Buy a Navionics chip from your nearest dealer and download your preferred US state. You get Navionics' award winning maps including our unparalleled list of lakes data and coastal marine charts covering 3 nautical miles offshore.

HotMaps Inland Lakes and Rivers:
Over 18,000 lakes throughout the USA, of which 2,500 lakes are in high definition with 1 ft contours (click here for a full list)
Great Lakes held within the state borders
All details of structure available in HotMaps Premium and Platinum (roadbeds, foundations, creekbeds, brushpiles, fish attractors, etc.)
Pro Staff additions

Gold Coastal Marine Data:
Coastal coverage for each state out to 3 nautical miles
Tides & Currents
Port Services

With Marine & Lakes you also get for free Freshest Data, and Community Edits.

For a full list of compatible plotters check Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Pacific I Americas

See worldwide chart details on our WebApp.



Click to view lake lists by region or zoom in to see the actual chart.
Check out the full lake list.

*California, Texas, and Florida split into 2 selectable regions.