Navionics and Navico have a long-standing partnership founded on the common mission of serving boaters of all kinds.
Anglers, cruisers and sailors across the world -  get the most out of your on board electronics!
•If you are an angler, you can take advantage of our lake maps to target the most successful areas.
•Ocean cruisers can benefit from highly detailed marine charts available in a global catalogue.
•Sailors will enjoy super accurate coastal data.
Navionics+, Navionics Updates, Platinum+, HotMaps Platinum, Gold and HotMaps Premium can be used with many GPS chartplotters:
Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch, Gen2 and Gen 1 and Elite as well as many legacy models such as Mark, LMS, LCS and GlobalMap;
Simrad NSE, NSO, NSO evo2, NSS, NSS evo2, and NSSm evo2; 
B&G Zeus models.
Click here for full compatibility details.
The following Lowrance models include Navionics cartography: Elite-7m Gold; Elite-5m HD Gold, Elite-4 HDI Gold; Elite-4m HD Gold, Elite-4m Gold.
In North America:
- Bundled cards labeled MSD/NEB-3/ELI4 and MSD/NEB-3/ELI5 offer preloaded Navionics+ with US & Canada marine and lakes coverage all in one ; 12 months of Freshest Data updates; downloadable SonarCharts™; Compatibility only with that specific plotter model.
In Australia:
- Bundles cards labeled MSD/AUS-3/ELI4 and MSD/AUS-3/ELI5 offer preloaded Navionics+ with Australia, New Zealand and Pacific content; 12 months of Freshest Data; SonarCharts™ preloaded for Australia and New Zealand (Pacific not available); compatibility only with that specific plotter model
- Bundled cards labeled KIT72MSD032XG and KIT72MSD033X offer preloaded Gold cartography for Australia or New Zealand; Freshest Data not included.

In Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific, Navionics empowers select Lowrance HDS Gen 3, HDS Gen2, Simrad NSS evo2, NSS, NSO evo2, and B&G Zeus² chartplotter models, using a Navionics+, Navionics Updates or Platinum+ card, with its Autorouting module that enhances functionality where it will calculate and display the shortest, unobstructed route between two points.
Make sure your device is updated to Navico rtm 3.0 firmware release.

1.Register your new card for Freshest Data:12 month updates to Nautical Charts, SonarCharts™ and Community Edits.
2.Use the WebApp to view our charts online for free before you purchase and to verify the latest changes before you download the Freshest Data.
3.Make your contributions to Navionics charts by entering Community Edits from the Navionics Boating mobile app or by filing a DR (Discrepancy Report) on our website. Updated cartography and improved content is delivered easily with Freshest Data every day.