Update your charts

Navionics is devoted to continuously enhancing cartography with a one-of-a-kind update program. We make around 2,000 updates to our Nautical Chart daily by integrating Notices to Mariners, new publications, our own survey and reports from our users. Plus several thousand updates to SonarChart™ and Community Edits. Watch this video for more information!

Upgrade to Navionics+

Navionics+ includes marine and lake charts in huge regions with Nautical Chart, SonarChart, Community Edits and daily updates for one year. With Navionics Updates, current owners of Silver, Gold, HotMaps Premium, and many chart cards from Navionics and other manufacturers, can get the most up-to-date Navionics+ content at half price. Upgrade online or buy Navionics Updates from a dealer and enjoy an entirely new chart layer with SonarChart™! See video.

Update online

Plug your old chart card into your computer, then click Downloads & Updates to upgrade to Navionics+ at half price. Select a coverage area and download as much chart data as your card can hold. This online service is compatible with Navionics+GoldHotMaps PremiumMarine & Lakes USASilver, and any card bundled with a plotter. If your card is smaller than 2 GB, ask your dealer for a Navionics Updates card (see  below).


Or ask your dealer

As an alternative to the online service, a Navionics Updates card can be purchased from a dealer shop or online store. To activate the new card, simply connect it to your computer, click Downloads & Updates, and verify eligibility using any compatible card from Navionics or other manufacturers.


Activate using another brand

Ask your dealer for Navionics Updates and use your existing chart card from C-MAP, Fishing Hot Spots, Garmin, LakeMaster, Lowrance, Magellan or TrakMaps and switch to Navionics. You will get our most updated charts and all the value of Navionics+ at a very modest price.


Preloaded regions are ready to use, while the downloadable Global Regions version lets you choose your coverage area during activation. Both allow you to download and update the marine and lakes content and chart layers you want with great flexibility.



Navionics Updates needs to be activated online before using by inserting your old card. The downloadable version is simple and the preloaded is even simpler.


Update your Platinum

Platinum cards follow a different update path. Benefit from our special 50% discount for Platinum+, HotMaps Platinum and Platinum owners. 



Autorouting is available using Navionics charts on compatible plotters from B&G, Lowrance, Simrad and Raymarine in many areas of the world. A convenient, easy-to-use tool. 
New Dock-to-dock Autorouting, now available with Raymaririne MFDs offers a unique breakthrough in boating navigation, as it quickly creates detailed routes from a real start point to a real end point, even through narrow passages and channels where they’re needed most, using sophisticated algorithms. See video.


Raymarine Advanced Features

If you own a compatible Raymarine MFD and update to R17 software, you can use your Navionics+ card to access powerful Advanced Features: Dock-to-dock AutoroutingSonarChart™ Live display on the plotter, and Advanced Map Options. Download software updates or we’ll mail it to you!

Online & on the go!

Check out our free WebApp to view 2D Nautical Chart for any part of the world! Zoom in and toggle to view SonarChart. Our Web API tool lets you embed the same charts on any website!
You can have the same Navionics+ charts when you buy our feature-packed Navionics Boating app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device for easy access anywhere at all!


Plus Tabs Display

By order of the Hong Kong Government SAR we have removed all data originating from them. Navionics has applied for a license but regrettably their response is they do not permit any third party to sell their cartographic data.  We will continue to pursue a suitable remedy.  For any further details please directly contact Mr. Michael CM CHAU, Deputy Hydrographer, Marine Department, Hong Kong Government SAR michaelchau@mardep.gov.hk.
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