Boating app: mark your location with one tap, and more  

Boating app: mark your location with one tap, and more  

We believe details are important, especially while on the water. Let's dive in and see how the latest app release can make your boating experience easy and fun. 

Drop a marker with one tap
Have you ever needed to quickly add a marker on your location while boating or fishing? Well, now you can. With one simple tap on the map you’ll drop a marker on your current GPS location. It can’t be easier than that. Use it as a reminder for great fishing or boating areas you want to investigate more or visit again.

Get the most out of the feature with these expert tips:
- New markers will be named sequentially (Marker 1, Marker 2, etc.)
- The icon will be the same as your last added marker (the "pin" is the default icon)
- To change the maker name or icon simply tap the map > target the marker with cross-hair > tap "?" > make your edits.

Add your AIS device manually
Have you already tried  AIS in the Boating app? Increase your situational awareness on the water by connecting a compatible WI-FI AIS receiver to the app and see AIS targets overlaid on the map in real time.
If you’re having trouble automatically connecting your device, try adding it manually to the app. In the app, go to Menu > Connect a Device > Add Device and fill in the fields. Be aware that the app currently only supports devices streaming in NMEA 1803.

Get more space for your maps (only for Android) 
Download all the maps you need without filling up your device. Plug in an SD card for additional memory. Go to Menu > Settings > Storage Location 

Get the new features 
If you already have our Boating app, simply update it to the latest version. 
   - For Apple® devices — on your mobile device, go to the  App Store® > «Updates»
  - For Android™ devices — on your device, go to Google Play > Menu > «My apps & games»

If you don’t have our Boating app\ yet, download it for free, and enjoy a trial of all our charts and features. 


These new features are available in the latest version of Boating Marine & Lakes for Apple® devices and Boating HD Marine & Lakes for Android™ devices. If you have a Boating app with a different title, please read here.