Redefined Navionics Marine Cartography Products Provide Comprehensive Mapping Solutions

Redefined Navionics Marine Cartography Products Provide Comprehensive Mapping Solutions

New Navionics+ and Platinum+ catalog offers mariners more coverage and detail than ever before

Whether navigating offshore or inland waters, you need cartography you can trust. That’s why boaters who rely on the Navionics brand have made it the world’s No. 1 marine mapping1. And with the new Navionics+ and Platinum+ all-in-one solution, mariners will continue to enjoy clear, reliable cartography for the widest range of chartplotter brands on the market today.

Navionics+ and Platinum+ comprise our most expansive and vibrant cartography release to date. With detail-rich integrated mapping of coastal features, lakes, rivers and more, the updated catalog features detailed nautical charts with daily updates, up to 0,5 m depth contours and advanced navigational features for the most up-to-date data every time you set sail.

Available on microSD cards for easy installation on compatible marine devices, the new Navionics+ and Platinum+ catalog replaces all legacy Navionics chartplotter cards and include combined coastal and lake content as well as consistent coverage boundaries across all products, making it easier to choose the right mapping solution for your needs. An included one-year subscription provides access to daily updates, advanced features and so much more.

Available in a standard Navionics+ option, or a premium Platinum+ option, these new cartography offerings provide unparalleled coverage, clarity and detail for every day on the water.

With worldwide coverage available, Navionics+ key features include:
- Integrated Garmin and Navionics content, for best-in-class mapping clarity and detail.
- Daily chart updates via the Navionics Chart Installer software or wirelessly via the Plotter Sync feature with the Navionics Boating app.
- Dock-to-dock route guidance2 technology that uses your boat settings, along with chart data and frequently traveled routes, to calculate suggested paths through channels, inlets, marina entrances and more.
- Community Edits allow for viewing valuable, local information — contributed by Navionics Boating app users — on your compatible chartplotter. Just download the Community Edits content layer to any Navionics card.
- Up to 0,5 m contours for improved fishing and navigation using SonarChart HD bathymetry maps.
- Advanced fishing range feature allows you to highlight a user-defined target depth range to identify the best fishing spots.
- Shallow water shading aids navigation by highlighting depths up to a user-defined level.
- SonarChart Live mapping feature allows boaters to create new personal 1’ HD bathymetry maps that display in real time on the screens of their compatible chartplotters.

In addition to the Navionics+ features listed above, Platinum+ users receive premium content and overlays, including:
- High-resolution relief shading that combines color and shadow to give you an easy-to-interpret, clearer view of bottom structure than contour lines alone.
- High-resolution satellite imagery combined with the SonarChart shading overlay offers a realistic view of surroundings and is ideal for entering unfamiliar harbors or ports.
- Aerial and surface photography of ports, marinas, bridges, docks, boat ramps, dams and navigational landmarks for superior situational awareness.
- 3D views to provide additional perspective both above and below the water.

Once activated, the included one-year subscription enables download of the latest charts and premium features. Then, simply plug in your new Navionics+ or Platinum+ microSD card and start using the new charts right away. You can also activate or renew your Navionics cartography subscription within the Boating app; click here for details. Customers who currently own a Navionics card with an active subscription will be prompted to choose one of the new coverage areas upon renewing their subscription starting in April.

For a complete list of compatible chartplotters, check out the Navionics compatibility guide.


1 Based on 2020 reported sales
2 Dock-to-dock Route Guidance technology is for planning purposes only and does not replace safe navigation operations