Navionics at Disney World

Navionics SonarCharts™ has numerous applications for both saltwater and freshwater activities. Some examples are: to recreate charts after the natural effects of weather to the shore; to learn, for the first time, how the bottom of a lake is shaped; to prevent your hull from being scratched by the channel bottom; or simply … to fish better! And what’s common to any situation is the great interest to know the precise shape of a body of water, whether it’s your favorite bay or any new destination.

It’s so exciting to see results for the first time. Recently, our friends at Disney World in Orlando invited Navionics to record sonar logs on one of their lakes which had never been charted. Our team created a completely new chart in just a few hours using Humminbird equipment, one of the many GPS plotters and sounders that are compatible with Navionics. Recordings can also be done with Lowrance, Simrad, B&G, Raymarine or Garmin plotters. See instructions on how to do it.

Anyone can simply drive around their own lake as shown in the first picture below, and after about a week or so, the new HD bathymetry will be available. This is what was done at the World Showcase Lagoon at Epcot Center, Disney World. This lake and the channels around it are used for leisure boating, events and sport fishing, but had never before been surveyed. So, if you go to the World Showcase Lagoon in the heart of Epcot Center, don’t forget to check out the brand new SonarCharts™.  Get it on your plotter, your mobile or take a look on our WebApp now.


You can see in the pictures how the lake looked before and how it is now. Learn more about how to get the secret of any body of water with SonarCharts™.

Giovanni Viani, Navionics