1300 new lakes in Sweden!

1300 new lakes in Sweden!

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Driven by a passionate commitment to support our customers’ enjoyment on the water, Navionics continues enriching its chart coverage to include popular boating and fishing areas around the world.
As part of our ongoing product enhancement efforts, 1300 new lakes have been added in Sweden since the last season. The bodies of water released are concentrated in the center and south of the country between the provinces of Bohuslän, Värmland, Östergötland, Dalarna and Småland.
In conjunction with the previous database of lakes - which includes popular locations such as Vänern,Vättern, Åsnen, Ivosjön, Lyngnern- our customers can now take advantage of a total of 2,794 lakes throughout Sweden.

A few of the more significant additions are: Åsunden, the largest lake in Kinda with an area of over 5.500 hectares and Yxningen, one of Östergötland’s most beautiful lakes, with over 90 islands and a visual depth of as much as 7 meters. These lakes offer great fishing opportunities, especially for pike and perch, and your Navionics charts will help you explore every fishing spot and secluded anchorage. We also released Lake Runn, a very popular destination for recreational boating, and the 80 km long Fryken Lake.

Siljan, Orsasjön and Insjön lakes in Dalarna have been significantly improved. Browse the below highlights and comparative views to see for yourself. For a closer look at the cartography details, click on the lake name links to be directed to our interactive online Chart Viewer.

The new lakes are now released in Nautical Chart, the essential cartographic reference. You may also find extraordinary bottom contour detail on some of them within SonarChart™.

Anywhere more detail is needed, record sonar logs with your plotter or mobile device. We will integrate them with existing data to ensure SonarChart™ becomes more and more precise. The enhanced SonarChart™, resulting from all the uploaded sonar logs, is available for the whole community on plotter, mobile and on the web! As an example, take a look at the following lakes, making sure you toggle the SonarChart™ icon to view HD bathymetry.



You may check other lakes on our Chart Viewer and see the great detail offered by SonarChart: Åsunden; Foxen; Mjörn; Lönern; Gransjön; Trehörningen; Langsvan; Sommen.

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