Improved charts in Germany and Holland

Improved charts in Germany and Holland

If you navigate canals, lakes and rivers, you'll want to check the recent improvements to our inland waters cartography.

We've updated navaids, shorelines, caution areas and more in the following waterways: Main, Rhein, Neckar, Mosel, Saar, Donau (Danube), Lippe, Ruhr, Hase, Weser, Elbe, and others.

In Holland we've added information to over 66,000 bridges, including name, height, width, type, phone number and VHF channel. This update has been significant in the following areas: Groningen-Drente, Amsterdam-Utrecht, Leeuwarden, Limburg-Maastricht. Plus, updated charts for Ijsselmeer and Markermeer.

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If you want to learn more, write Jacco Willemsen, General Manager Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Finland.