Navionics charts featured in Cuba Waterway Guide!

Cuba Waterway Guide

Excitement has been building around Cuba within the last year since Obama’s historical visit to Havana on March 21, 2016. As a direct result, the US Embassy reopened and US cruisers were granted the right to travel to Cuba by boat.

In lieu of this, during their 70th anniversary year, Waterway Guide is releasing a Cuba edition; this will be the most advanced publication available worldwide for boaters, fishermen and cruisers headed to Cuba.

The guides provide users with the latest in cruising news and navigation updates, along with updated fuel prices and more. These guides are a cruiser’s companion so naturally Navionics has teamed up to supply the most up-to-date charts to assist Waterway Guide in giving the most comprehensive information regarding Cuba.

Nigel Calder, author and publisher of many seminal books and articles for the nautical community over the years, is a contributing Editor of the Cuba guide. Calder is implementing some of his cartography and content from his 1999 book, Cuba, A Cruising Guide.

Addison Chan is a co-author of the book and has spent over six years circumnavigating Cuba on his sail boat and documenting his travels. Chan is a recognized expert on the country so his contribution to Waterway Guide’s Cuba publication is unparalleled.

To help celebrate their 70th year, Navionics is proud to be featured in this Cuba publication. Waterway Guide will be at the Miami Boat Show on February 16-20th - feel free to get down there and ask any questions you may have about the new Cuba guide, or any other!

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These updated Cuba screenshots is compliments of Navionics and Waterway Guide.