New Lakes in Sweden

New Lakes in Sweden

As part of our ongoing product enhancement efforts, 282 new lakes are now available in Sweden. Most of them are in the Gothenburg area, while the rest are in the southern part of the country.

A few of the more significant additions are: Lake IvösjönAngsjön, Ärtingen, Bredsjön, Fänneslundasjön, Hemsjön, Mellsjön, Mogden, Öjasjön, Ornungasjö, Stora Hålsjön, Stora Kleven, Tåsjön and Vatthulta Sjö. All of them offer great fishing for species like pike, perch and carp in the far south, as well as brown trout, grayling and zander.

The new lakes are now released in Nautical Chart , the essential cartographic reference. You may also find extraordinary bottom contour detail on some of them within SonarChart.

Anywhere more detail is needed, record sonar logs with your plotter or mobile device. We will integrate them with existing data to ensure SonarChart™ becomes more and more precise. The enhanced SonarChart™, resulting from all the uploaded sonar logs, is available for the whole community on plotter, mobile and on the web! 

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