Take Navionics on the ice

Take Navionics on the ice

Knowing is catching

How do you choose the best spot to drill?

How do you find that productive fishing structure you discovered during the summer?

How do you know what changes have occurred on your favorite lake?

With Navionics you're one step ahead when you get on the ice because all the answers are there, right in the palm of your insulated glove. 

Enhance your strategy

The Navionics app enables to analyze a lake foot by foot, study depths ranges and accurately pinpoint fishing spots.

This information results in more efficient techniques, making you more focused and motivated once you get on the ice.

A powerful tool

Smart (and warm) planning

Mark the map from the comfort of your home, and you'll be spot on when it's time for drilling.

Winter habits and habitats

Fishing Ranges will help you interpret the structure, identify patterns and focus on where to crack the ice.

Under the ice

SonarChart™, our 1-ft contoured chart layer, gives you a detailed view of points, bars, humps and breaks.

Your reward

The Navionics app is an inexpensive and light solution that will make the difference and allow you to catch more fish in less time.

Made your ice fishing day?

Get updated charts for your mobile

Don’t have Navionics yet?

Download the free Boating Marine & Lakes app that provides a 2-week trial!

With an active subscription

Open the app, tap Menu > Update All.

With an expired subscription

Open the app, tap Menu> Me> Subscriptions.