Danish lakes now available in Navionics cartography

Good news for those who love fishing in Denmark! Navionics has just added more than 190 Danish lakes to its cartography! If you are a regular boater of Danish inland waters, have always wanted to explore them through canals, or love fishing on such placid waters, start browsing Navionics cartography and discover whether your favorite lake is now mapped!

Many fishermen might be attracted by Fårup Lake, one of the recent additions, which flows through the Grejs Valley into the Lake District, rich with hidden orchids, kingfishers and otters. Others might prefer heading to Silkeborg Langsø to look for pike. The new charts reveal depth values and all cartography details of the turbid waters of Lake Skanderborg-Søerne, which hold plenty of bream and silvery lake trout, will reveal depth values and all cartography details that are available. Other lakes, like Maribo Sondersø, Stege nor and Glenstrup Sø, have also been added!

Zealand Island keeps the strongest traditions of fishing in fresh waters, and Navionics now includes many lakes in this area, such as Tissø, Furesø, Tystrup Og Bavelse and Esrum Sø which are inhabited by many species of fish like walleye, perch, roach, bream, tench and carp.  

Whether you fish from the bank or from your boat, with Navionics cartography and its detailed bathymetric contours, you’ll be able to increase your awareness of bays and inlets and their underwater banks, reefs, depth curves and holes. You will finally be able to locate the best fishing spot, even in unclear waters! Enjoy SonarCharts in your area and don’t miss the opportunity of enhancing your charts by recording and sending the sonar logs of your journey! Only Nautical Charts is available for these lakes, so with any sonar logs sent to Navionics will generate brand new SonarCharts of the area.

How to view Danish lakes on plotter, mobile and PC.

View the newly added lake cartography in your GPS chartplotter simply by getting Navionics+, Platinum+ or Gold.
Those who already own one of our cards can easily update it by using an active Freshest Data service.
To renew it, purchase a Navionics Updates which allows you to:
- upgrade to Navionics+ your Silver, Gold, or even a chart card of a different brand 
- update your Navionics+
Platinum+ users can update online (Freshest Data only) at navionics.com. Or, for a full update, which includes 3D, satellite overlay, panoramic port pictures, exchange your card at a dealer at a 50% discount off retail price list.
The same great detail is available in Navionics mobile apps downloadable from Apple Store for iPhone and iPad, from Google play for Android smartphone and tablet and from Windows Store for tablet and PC.
How to get them:
1.If you are a new customer download Boating Denmark&Greenland, you will get Nautical Charts, SonarCharts™ and Community Edits, plus  one year of Chart Updates. You will also be able to download other regions.
2.If you already own any other Navionics Boating apps, find Skagerrak & Kattegat in Menu>Charts.
3.If you already own the chart that includes Denmark, go to Menu>Download Map and select the area to download or simply go to Menu>Update all if you previously had that map.
4.If you have an old app which cannot be updated, please refer to point 1.
See below the full list to appreciate the significant coverage improvement or click here:
Skanderborg-Søerne, Sotorup Sø, Tuel Sø, Tissø, Stubbe Sø, Soro Sø, Skarre Sø, Stilling-Solbjerg Sø, Store Okssø, Madum Sø, Sogard-Søerne, Silkeborg Langsø, Sminge Sø, Salten Langsø, Rogbolle Sø, Rorbaek-Søerne, Rodsø, Haerup Sø, Klejtrup Sø, Sondersø, Maribo Sondersø, Ovesø, Nakskov Indrefjord, Nordborg Sø, Korsor Nor, Kattinge-Søerne, Knudsø, Ravnsø, Kilen, Haderslev Dam, Julsø, Jels-Søerne, Hald Sø, Husby Sø, Og Norreso Sø (Abjerg Sø), Hovvig, Holsteinborg Nor, Hampen Sø, Geddesø, Arresø, Gyrstinge Sø, Hinge Sø, Hejls Nor, Hejrende Sø, Flynderso Og, Skallesø, Furesø, Fussing Sø, Farum Sø, Brabrand Sø, Bankel Sø, Vanned Sø, Blegsø, Nors Sø, Brasso Og Borres Sø, Ornsø, Arreskov Sø, Vedsø, Almind Sø, Slaaensø, Viborg Norre Og, Sondersø, Tjele Langsø, Tystrup Og Bavelse, Soer, Thorsø, Sjaelsø, Skaelskor Nor, Stege Nor, Made Sø,M.E.S. Sø, Maribo, Norresø, Ollerup Sø, Ring Sø, Raevso Sø, Rygsjaerg Sø, Pamhule Sø, Pedersborg Sø, Selso Sø, Sogard Sø, Søerne Pa Hohje, Mon, Sotorup Sø_1, Store Hulsø, Sorup Sø, Soby Sø_1, Soby Sø_2, Bastrup Sø_1, Sandbjerg Molledam, Stingsholm Sø, Snaebum Sø, Stevning Dam, Sjorup Sø Og Oje Sø, Sobo Sø, Soholm Sø, Snesere Sø, Sortesø, Skjoldenaesholm, Gardsø, Stallerup Sø, Sunds Sø, Svogerslev Sø, Tranekaer Borgsø, Tranemose, Torbenfeld Sø, Torup Sø, Vullum (Voldum) Sø, Vessø, Vesterborg Sø, Velling Igelsø, Varnaes Skovsø, Ulse Sø, Veldbol Sø, Vaengsø, Søerne Ved Virket Pa, Falster, Vedsted, Vansø, Valsolille Sø, Avnsø- Bjergsted, Kommune, Avnsø- Silkeborg, Kommune, Avnsø- Hvalsø, Kommune, Agesø, Agsø, Borup Sø, Bagsvaerd Sø, Glums Sø, Grasten Slotssa, Hopsø, Gudme Sø, Grevens Sø, Gorlev Sø, Gentofte Sø, Hornum Sø, Hornbaek Sø, Hvidsø, Hastrup Sø, Klaresø, Kalgard Sø Og, Kondsø, Kornerup Sø, Norha Sø, Nielstrup Sø, Knapso Sø, Julmose, Jystrup Sø, Klarsø, Mortenstrup Sø, Maglesø, Lejsø, Lyngsø, Lillehav, Lemvig Sø, Nordby Sø, Mossø, Loldrup Sø, Langesø, Ladegard Sø, Navnsø, Donse Storedam, Damhussoen, Dybesø, Dalby Sø, Frederiksborg, Slotssø, Forby Eller Vorup Sø, Bromme Maglesø, Bryrup Langso Og, Karlsø, Bogeholm Sø Og, Bondedammen, Brahetrolleborg, Norresø, Bastrup Sø, Esrum Sø, Birksø-Lillesø, Elvaerk Sø, Buesø, Ejlemade Sø, Emdrup Sø, Bromme Lillesø, Ellesø, Engelshom Sø, Farup Sø, Gundsomagle Sø, Hjulby Sø, Grarup Sø, Gjorslev Mollesø, Godstrup Sø, Hauge Sø, Hammer Sø, Halle Sø, Hellesø, Kielstrup Sø, Krusa Sø, Ketting Nor, Kas Sø, Kimmerslev Sø, Kvindso, Kulso Og, Snabe Igelsø, Langedam, Sivdamsø-Skatkammersø, Lyngby Sø, Gudenso Og Rye, Molle Sø, Glenstrup Sø, Vestbirk Søerne, Alling Sø, Stubbergard Sø.
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