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Navionics Hike & Bike

Navionics Hike & Bike Track

Hikers and outdoors enthusiasts alike cannot miss out on Navionics Hike & Bike. The app is extremely user friendly which makes it easy to track your day on the trails with every bike ride or hiking excursion.

As a hiker or biker, this app is particularly useful when exploring unfamiliar turf. Listed below are some of the advantages of having Navionics Hike & Bike:

·        You will be able to track your route and follow it back once you are finished.

·        Hike & Bike measures the distance between two points which allows you to properly prepare.

·        Your journeys are recorded so you can see the evolution of your hiking and biking progress.

·        Past tracks are a great way to determine your next adventure and suggest trails to friends.

Different from our Boating and Ski apps where the maps are downloaded, Hike & Bike has readily-available online maps. Since the app is GPS based, the tracks are able to be recorded.

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Navionics Hike and Bike
Photo courtesy of Luca Lombardi