Flyboard – That’s Exciting

Any kind of on-the-water activity is fun and exciting, but some are extremely so! And Flying Board is one of them. You can fly on the water like Iron Man, jump and dive like a dolphin, and quickly evolve into Olympic freestyle stunts. What’s unbelievable is how easy it can be.
You are pushed by two jets at your feet that work by using hydro jet propulsion. All you need to learn is how to manage that power. It can take as little as ten minutes to learn how to ride the flyboard, and then you get to experience all the fun. Of course, getting to the freestyle stunts will take you more time, but definitely, everyone can go flyboarding. And the fun starts from day one.
How does it work? Flyboard is a board with two boots attached and the power comes from a jet ski that you need to stay in the proximity of while riding. Basically, the board is fed by the hydro jet propulsion of the jet ski through two 25-meter-long flexible pipes. Of course, jet skis are subject to on-the-water rules and flyboarding has to be done with respect to the environment and with consideration to the presence of people on the beach and coastal indications. Also, you need to be aware of the presence of any obstacles in the water like rocks or sandbars. For this reason, inspect the area before you fly and dive. Use Navionics Boating to add personal markers to the area you want to go to or after you ride. Add Community Edits for everyone to see, add your pictures to the cartography and share on social media to show your friends. Wind can also create an obstacle, so check the wind forecasts before you go. You can do all of that and more with Navionics Boating on Apple iPhone and iPad, Android devices and Windows tablet and PC. You may also enjoy Navionics Ski for Apple and Android devices and Navionics Hike&Bike for iPhone and iPad. See some more cool Flyboarding shots at the FlyB Facebook page.
Giovanni Viani, Navionics