Kayaking, mapping and fishing with the Navionics SonarPhone feature!

Paul Lawson, member of the Marine Engineering community and passionate kayaker and fisherman, really proved his appreciation for the chance to test the new SonarPhone feature available in Navionics Boating apps. He was introduced to this new incredible addition when he met the Navionics staff at Southampton Boat Show. He learned that with this feature you can view a fishfinder and Navionics charts, both full and split screen, within the same app.
Paul already owned a Navionics Boating app on his iPhone, so he was simply gifted a SonarPhone T-BOX hardware to install on his vessel. Once connected via Wi-Fi to his device, his app automatically displayed sonar data on the screen.
He was really impressed by this functionality and has gone beyond simply installing the hardware on his kayak:
“I did consider that although very suitable and ideal for a small fishing vessel, it may not be as suitable for a kayak due to its external connections and lack of power supply to run the device and its transducer. I decided to make a housing that would support the product, keep it safe and make the product very usable for my type of kayaking and fishing”.
His idea was to build a multifunctional housing to work as a powersupply and possibly a bluetooth audio device that could be used not just for kayaking, mapping and fishing but also for camping and festivals. He started with an initial simple version, testing waterproof capabilities in case of capsizing, making enough room for the battery and additional components. In the second version, thinking about his passion for music, he fit a small but loud bluetooth speaker and wired it to the main battery via an automotive internal socket and USB adaptor.
Paul went testing on the water on his kayak and wanted to share his experience:
“The T-BOX performed outstandingly and never dropped connection, produced fantastic soundings and connected to my iPhone and brilliant Navionics Boating app with ease. I was able to have a fishfinder and all the details of Navionics cartography in split screen on my iPhone. It really comes in handy for fishermen, so that on both trips I caught fish!”
Plus, every time Paul connects, future SonarCharts™, the Navionics HD bathymetry map, is improved with the depth data collected. So, Paul enhanced his favorite fishing spots on all his trips!
Paul’s experience is just an example of how the SonarPhone feature can be used. Just with a Navionics Boating app for iPhone or iPad and a T-BOX hardware, he managed to have the convenience of a mobile sonar. Furthermore, he applied improvements on his kayak to gain even more enjoyment. Try this excellent feature from your inflatable boat, canoe or any size boat, and find your way to get more fun out of it! 
The SonarPhone feature is available for Apple devices and will be soon available also on Android Boating apps. To start, you need a Navionics Boating app for iPhone and iPad with version 7.2 or later.  SonarPhone T-BOX hardware is available for purchase from sonarphone.mobi/navionics.
You can download Boating for free and immediately begin testing the feature. But you will need to purchase a Navionics+ chart package from directly inside the app if you want to view cartography in split screen and updated SonarCharts.
Discover Navionics cartography and SonarCharts not only on Boating apps for Apple mobile devices but also on Navionics apps available on Google play for Android phone and tablet and on Windows Store for tablet and PC.
Try our products for GPS chartplotters, too. SonarCharts is included, on compatible plotters, with Navionics+Navionics Updates (for Gold and HotMaps Premium), Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum. Further, view it for free on our WebApp!
Click here for further information on the SonarPhone feature.