SonarChart™ has experienced anglers excited

It’s no secret that Navionics has advanced boating with numerous innovations in electronic charts over the past three decades. In fact, it’s by using these new tools that anglers around the world have discovered their secret fishing spots! That’s why they’re so excited about new SonarChart™.

Captain Rick Murphy, experienced fishing guide, professional angler, and host of the popular fishing shows, Sportsman’s Adventures and Florida Insider Fishing Report, has this to say “I’ve relied on Navionics for years to get to my favorite fishing areas. Now combined with SonarChart™, I’m able to really dial in my fishing spots by using the added contours to find ledges, drop-offs, and deep holes that help make all my fishing trips successful.” He adds, “ Just last week, I was out fishing for redfish, which can sometimes be found along shallow bars adjacent to deep holes at low tide. I’d recently located these promising areas on the flats after studying my new SonarChart™ and landed some beautiful slot reds after just a few casts.”

SonarChart™ is included with Platinum products and can be downloaded during regular updates along with other Freshest Data updates to Nautical Charts and Community Edits. You may not find Captain Murphy’s secret spots, but you can discover some of your own.