WEATHER365 - one step ahead of the weather

WEATHER365 provides advanced sea weather predictions worldwide.

More than 20 years of experience in marine weather forecasting gives WEATHER365 the ability to provide the most precise and applicable weather service and weather data base.
Through its independent data processing service center the app is able to calculate the most actual weather forecasts 4 times a day. Further, with optimized numerical weather models (WRF/ETA, WW3) and a base of the actual measurement values of more than 40.000 measurement stations, it provides exact weather predictions worldwide!

Let’s focus on its service: 

High spatial resolution is one of its main assets! Due to the of 0,15° to 0,25° (which is comparable to approx.12x12 sea miles) you receive weather forecasts exactly for the chosen sea area. Conventional GFS weather models work with a resolution of 0,5° to 1°and assume equal weather conditions for a sea area of 60 x 60 nautical miles.
On open sea or nearby the coastline a high resolution forecast for wind and waves can be advantageous. Changing winds, gusts or rough sea within short distances could be missed by large scale forecast models.

Besides High spatial resolution, its Weather models integrate topographical, geographical and vegetal characteristics - especially of the coastal areas - which have influence on weather trends and weather evolution. Even bathymetry data are included because of their impact on wave height and length.

If you are planning a trip, a tour, a sailing trip or other activities - detailed weather-forecasts will influence your plans. WEATHER365 provides weather forecasts and all relevant weather-data at a glance – sun, clouds, rain, snow, wind speed, wave forecasts and much more - So it says Toni Spitz from WEATHER365 LTD.

Weather information on your Mobile through a SMS service or weather, wind, wave, weather forecasts and much more for sailors and skippers with Yachting Weather, the WEATHER365 app available for Apple and Android for every location worldwide!

Available forecast data on our Yachting Weather App:

◦ Storm risk
◦ Wind speed
◦ Wind direction
◦ Gusts
◦ Wave heights
◦ Wave directions
◦ Wave frequency
◦ Air Pressure
◦ Common weather condition
◦ Temperature
◦ Air humidity
◦ Precipitation risk
◦ Amount of precipitation

WEATHER365 accompanies you through all phases of daily planning in diverse kind of situations such as extreme sport weather, leisure weather, agricultural weather, media weather, construction weather, sailing weather, traffic weather and ice forecasts – select from our Special - and Branch services.

Enjoy all weather conditions with WEATHER365 services!