Captain TJ Shea Says SonarChart™ Live is a Game-Changer

Captain TJ Shea and SonarChart Live

Captain TJ Shea says SonarChart Live is a Game Changer

Captain TJ Shea is a dive master and business owner at 2 Shea Charters in Clearwater, FL. Being a diver is an invaluable asset to running charters; he often drops in on fishing spots to evaluate where fish sit on certain wrecks. Captain Shea tells Navionics that SonarChart™ Live has completely changed the game for anglers and divers alike.

“The accuracy was remarkable,” Captain Shea states.

The areas Shea regularly dives were uncharted – until now. He and his team charted the Clearwater Reef, Veterans Reef and a few ledges in 30 and 55 feet of water using SonarChart™ Live. Captain Shea tells us that evaluating the depth and the seabed floor was very useful and helped him to interpret the contour lines he was seeing on his Raymarine 19” gS MFDs while using SonarChart™ Live.

We asked Shea how SonarChart™ Live can be helpful in locating fish. He stated “It will make it easier to find new areas to fish. Being a diver, I have a big advantage in knowing exactly how the bottom looks and why fish congregate where they do. This new feature maps the bottom and saves it for you to review whenever you want. If you keep track of what you catch and where you are sitting on a particular spot, you can now figure out what I get to see as a diver. It will also make it much easier for the recreational fisherman to find new spots the proper way, by reading and interpreting their chart rather than running next to anchored boats and marking that spot.”

“I think SonarChart™ Live is amazing and it will make certain aspects of my job much easier like precisely anchoring on wrecks and ledges. For the recreational boater or the captains who do not dive, they can now get a better idea of the spots they fish and how they look,” Shea explains.

Captain Shea has the experience to challenge the most serious angler and the understanding to help the most novice get hooked, no pun intended. He recommends SonarChart™Live, which guarantees to provide divers, anglers and boaters the exceptional situational awareness necessary for the best possible on-the-water experience.