Create Better SonarChart™

One of the most popular questions recently has been:  how do you create the best SonarChart™ possible when mapping a lake? One way is to boat slowly in a grid pattern so that your sonar log recordings pick up the most detail possible. But when you’re out on the water, you want to be doing what you love: fishing, sailing, diving and more. Navionics National Sales Manager Paul Michele went out on the water and created this video to show that it’s possible to map your favorite spots while also enjoying your pastime. He was able to map Lake Ida in southern Florida in under an hour.

Some valuable tips to keep in mind when recording sonar logs:

  • Simply record sonar logs as you fish or sail. You can send in the sonar logs that same day, or record the whole week and then send them in. Every contribution enhances SonarChart™.
  • Go quickly to get soundings and then allow the rest of the boating community to fill the detail.
  • Navigate in a lazy S pattern over flats until you find big contours, then start a grid pattern over that area to get as much detail as possible.


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How to create better SonarCharts™