Founder and President of Navionics Giuseppe Carnevali talks Navionics Ski with the Association of Italian Ski Instructors

Giuseppe Carnevali with Franz Klammer, Franz Weber and Stephan Keck

Navionics Ski is the most downloaded ski app in Italy. Founder and President of Navionics, Giuseppe Carnevali is an avid skier who has hit the slopes with legends such as Franz Klammer, Franz Weber and Stephan Keck.

The Association of Italian Ski Instructors (AMSI) had the opportunity to speak with Founder and President of Navionics and avid skier, Giuseppe Carnevali, in regards to the Navionics Ski app. This interview took place on December 24, 2015.

Why is Navionics Ski the most downloaded app?
Navionics Ski is fun and easy to use while at the same time providing the richest information. With the combination of our engineering team of skiers, my skiing buddies and myself, we have optimized the user experience by making tremendous amounts of tests directly on the ski trails.

Every day I am able to view how many kilometers I have skied, the max and average speed, the vertical and the number of runs made. I can also view run and lift details, the lodges I stopped at and so much more. For instance, if I want to meet my friends at lodge X, the app tells me how to get there with the option of easy, medium or difficult runs according to my skiing skills.

Furthermore, Navionics Ski is totally FREE! We want as many people as possible to benefit from our app.

What makes the stats superior to the ones available on other apps?
No other app contains worldwide ski trails; with Navionics Ski you can access more than 2,000 resort maps. Every time I use it, my stats are associated with a certain run so I can see my max downhill speed, the time spent on the lift or even how much time I have been waiting for my latecomer friends who are going to be paying for my bombardino cocktail at the end of the day!

Can you give us some examples of usage?
The ski instructors optimize their lessons verifying the trials and the waiting times and comparing the days of the week. Youngsters have fun comparing stats and records. It’s a way to use technology for sport and teaching benefits.

Having the trail maps directly on a smartphone is a great advantage for those who want to explore new resorts. Not only because there is a ton of information –such as lodges, ski rentals, ski schools with telephone numbers, but also because you can activate the routing feature and navigate to a lodge to meet with friends.

What’s new this season?
We are about to update the tracking module with even more detail! Whoever downloads the latest version automatically receives the update. We test all the functionalities ourselves out on the slopes, so we guarentee that our app users will be once again impressed.

Navionics Ski is for iPhoneAndroid and iPad. Now, obviously I do not carry the iPad while skiing but when I get back to the hotel, my stats have already been synced. It is so much fun to relive the day and share the adventure on a bigger screen with friends.

Any advice?
Record your track from the very first lift to the very last slope, without ever stopping it. This is the only way you will be able get the most out of the stats and data. If you want to save your device battery, you can disconnect from the Internet or get a battery pack.