Hike & Bike for Apple – updated and still FREE!

Hike & Bike for Apple – updated and still FREE!

Our FREE Hike & Bike app for Apple is designed for hiking and biking. But it’s also suitable for running, skating or any other outdoor activity you like!

The app displays live tracks and statistics on the map, and lets you review results, measure performance and share your best moments with friends!

The 3.0 version update is now available with a new design and lots of upgrades:

● Improved Tracking Console. You can now check additional stats: starting and flat time, stops, average speed in motion, and breakdown of ascending, flat and descending trails.

● Enhanced Tracks Summary. You can now sort all your tracks details by seasons, months, weeks, and days, with a more complete set of info in an even cooler layout.

● Track Timeline. Your itinerary breakdown showing ascending, flat and descending trails plus stops. It also displays photos taken along the way!

● And other features such as the quick login with Facebook and the new User Profile to personalize the app!

Learn more about our app and download it for your iPhone and iPad!