Humminbird and Garmin Users Can Make Their Maps!

Whether your goal is to avoid scraping the bottom of your boat at low tide or pinpointing where fish are congregating, Navionics SonarChart™ can help. In fact, all types of on-the-water navigators from cruisers, sailors, recreational boaters or fisherman who travel in new or familiar bodies of water will benefit from the extraordinary bottom contour detail provided. Award-winning SonarChart™ is an HD bathymetry map that is perfect for increasing awareness of shallow waters or locating fishing areas at any depth level.  Ever-changing conditions are reflected on the map after sonar logs submitted by the Navionics Community are integrated with existing map data.

Currently, Humminbird or Garmin GPS chartplotter owners can record sonar logs, making it possible for these individuals to improve their favorite spots with new details.  In fact, in about one week after uploading and processing, the new exclusive high definition layer can be viewed on Navionics mobile apps, WebApp or compatible chartplotter products.  For the first time, Garmin users can submit and benefit from their sonar log contributions and view them on Navionics iPhone and iPad apps!  A quick upgrade within the app to Navionics+ provides access to SonarChart™ and Map Updates!  And anyone, regardless of compatibility, can view SonarChart™ for free at