Navionics Charts Play Massive Role in Clemson Bass Fishing Success

Clemson University Bass Fishing Team 2016

Clemson University Bass Fishing Team 2016The sport of fishing remains a constant in so many lives by acting as a stress reliever, past-time and a competitive outlet. To take a deeper look into the role Navionics plays in competitive fishing, we spoke with a senior angler in the collegiate circle. Patrick Williford joined the Clemson University Bass Fishing Team in 2012 as a freshman and never looked back. He grew dedicated and heavily involved with the team, eventually becoming the Sponsorship Director whose main duty is to work directly with sponsors such as Navionics.

When asked to identify the Clemson Bass Fishing Team’s most used Navionics feature, Williford explained how valuable SonarChart™ Live has been throughout his time spent in the collegiate fishing world. This feature allows users to create 1 ft HD bathymetry maps in real time which display on their mobile devices. This gives anglers an edge because they can analyze bottom contours and make game time decisions about where to find fish.

“We are constantly thrown into unfamiliar lakes across the country so we have to do our research to develop a game plan for each one. You can have the nicest boat with the fastest motor, the most sensitive rod paired with the highest quality reel, along with the most innovative lure and best presentation, but if you’re not casting in the right area you will get beat time and time again by those who have studied a Navionics map and located active fish,” says Williford.

Williford tells us that Navionics plays one of the largest roles in the Bass Fishing Team’s success. “The team members also rely on the Navionics Boating app on their mobile phones.This app has a map of just about every single lake in the country with extremely detailed bottom contours. I spend weeks on this app preparing for a tournament, studying the lake, and making waypoints of potential areas to fish when I finally make it on the water.

Being on the fishing team has significantly impacted Williford during his stay at Clemson University. The experience as Sponsorship Director for the Clemson Bass Fishing Team influenced him so greatly that he is focusing his career search solely in the outdoors industry. Naturally, he will continue fishing after graduation.
Clemson University Bass Fishing Team 2016