Navionics compatibility expands to Si Tex & Seiwa

Navionics compatibility expands to Si Tex & Seiwa

More charts and services for thousands of users!

Navionics®, S.r.l. a Socio Unico, a Garmin® company, today announced that both Si-Tex and Seiwa have added Navionics compatibility to several marine GPS devices, which are used by a wide range of pleasure and professional navigators.

“Our collaboration with Si-Tex and Seiwa represents a new advantage to boaters and fishermen around the world, giving them access to the value of Navionics+ cartography,” said Marcello Albanese, Navionics director of sales and business development, “and welcomes these two companies to our growing list of compatible hardware brands.”

“Navionics integration has been an important objective for some time.” said Ted Bodtmann, President of Si-Tex. “Our customers have been waiting eagerly, and it’s exciting to finally open up this new opportunity for them.” “Indeed!” added Bjorn Nagelhout of Seiwa.

“With a simple SW update our customers will be able to access Navionics charts and services, improving their pleasure and work on the water, and making our products all the more attractive.”

Si-Tex and Seiwa have collaborated closely for decades in research, product development, marketing and sales, reaching mariners of all types around the world with specialty solutions for their specific navigation needs.