Sailing School is an app that goes hand in hand with Navionics.

Sailing School is an app developed with the purpose of helping beginning boaters, sailing students and even those experienced in matters of the sea to become even more knowledgeable.
Nautica SIA, the app developer, has a long standing relation with Navionics. They love our cartography and tell all their customers and friends to use Navionics for both GPS chartplotter and mobile. We also happen think their app is really cool for several reasons:
Their app includes complete video lessons in high definition. With interactive learning features, it can be used as a way for sailing students or as a convenient means of refreshing old knowledge before heading out to the sea.
The app database includes topics like safety at sea, navigation, the explanation of tides and currents, maritime systems for markings, meteorology, anchoring and much more.
Crucial safety issues cover ways of fire prevention, floatation devices, man overboard procedures, emergency signals and rescue protocols. Apart from being needed for the exams, this information could prove to be the difference between life and death at sea.
The navigation segment covers the basics of navigation, longitude and latitude, useful terms in navigation, charts and how they are read, tools used for plotting and everything else needed for a controlling and planning a route. Processes of anchoring are presented as a separate section, which is important for any future seamen or captain. Also tides and currents are explained in details.
The app is simple and effective, and quickly presents the users with its abilities. It includes many forms of information, like pictures, videos, animations, and questions. A very thorough help option can be used to quickly solve any issue.
Sailing School is the first app of its kind. Using this versatile app anyone can be trained to safely and confidently step on a boat and sail away. Try Sailing School, you can find it on Apple, Android and Windows stores!
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