Scotland: over 250 new and updated lochs now available!

Scotland: over 250 new and updated lochs now available!

17 May 2016Category:LakesLochScotlandUKSonarChart LivefishingboatingUpdates

Great news! Over 250 Scottish lakes have been added and updated in our cartography, check them on our website and read how you can get the latest charts below.

Scotland is popular among boaters and sailors for its stunning scenery, and is one of the world’s top destinations for freshwater angling. Famous for salmon and trout and with and with an extensive variety of coarse species, including pike, carp and perch, Scotland truly offers a feast of fishing possibilities for freshwater anglers.

Now with Navionics’ new coverage and bathymetric detail of the Scottish lochs, you can enhance your boat-fishing experience further by identifying and locating the best fishing spots. For even more detailed bathymetry you will be able to use the stunning features of Navionics SonarChart™ and SonarChart™ Live.

On your Plotter GPS
- If you have a Navionics plotter card with daily updates active, follow this link.
- If you have a card from another brand like C-MAP, Garmin, Insight and others, ask for Navionics Updates at your dealer.
- If you have a Navionics card with daily updates expired, ask for an update at your dealer or do it online.
On your MOBILE
On your Boating app select Menu>Charts>UK, Ireland & Holland to purchase the coverage or download Boating UK & Ireland which contains the region. Then:
- Download detailed maps by zooming in or from Menu>Download Map.
- Keep them up-to-date from Menu>Update All (or Download Map).
If you are not able to update your charts, renew your Navionics+ subscription for another year at half price!

With our cartography you’re sure to make the most out of your experience on the water. All of our plotter cards and mobile app will provide you access to:

- Nautical Chart, a robust chart resource trusted by boaters worldwide.
- SonarChart™ the HD bathymetry map with up to 0.5 m contours in marine and lakes. In addition, learn how to create your own maps in Scotland’s inland waters with SonarChart™ Live and see the results of the Community’s contribution on SonarChart. 
- Community Edits localized data contributed by the Navionics Community.
- One year of daily updates.

See Navionics charts on our website, on plotter and on mobile.