Small catalog. BIG improvements!

Small catalog. BIG improvements!

Navionics is constantly focused on customers’ needs and gathers, through multiple channels, information to help us improve both the content and coverage of our products. As a result, since the beginning of 2018, the Navionics+ Small catalog has received significant improvements in some areas of the world: Africa, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, Norway, Turkey and Russia.

The changes vary from expanded coverage, that in some cases is now more than triple the original one, to the addition of popular fishing areas. We have even added completely new areas. 
See details below.


6G051S Nouadhibou-Abidjan - NEW
6G036S2 South West Africa – EXPANDED up to the Angola Border
6G037S2 South East Africa – EXPANDED up to the Mozambique Border

Italy & Croatia

5G820S - Fano-Sibenik – NEW

Two charts have been merged into one covering the North Adriatic Sea. It includes important coastal towns and marinas such as Rimini, Ravenna, Venezia, Trieste, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar and Sibenik, along with relevant touristic attractions: the Romagnola riviera, the delta of the river Po, the lagoons of Venice, Marano and Grado, Sistiana, the peninsula of Istria and all the Croatian coastline and islands up until the town of Sibenik.


5G868S – Bulgaria – NEW

A new coverage area for the Bulgarian coasts of the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Danube river.


5G340S – Kolobrzeg – EXPANDED

Three charts have been merged into one to cover the full coastline of Poland and thus include from Vistula Lagoon on the Russian border to Szczecin Lagoon on the German side.


5G872S Finland Inland – NEW

Three charts have been merged into one that includes all available lakes in Finland (over 8.600).


5G832S - Flekkefjord-Oslo – NEW
5G833S - Stord-Lindesnes – NEW
5G606S2 - Sognefjorden to Haugesund – EXPANDED
5G835S- Frøya-Sognefjorden – NEW
5G836S - Tosenfjorden-Kristiansund – NEW
5G837S - Brønnøysund-Bodø – NEW
5G838S - Stokmarknes-Hasvik - NEW

A new simplified catalog with many coverages merged provides access to more data and larger areas at the same price!


5G871S - Turkey Igneada to Hopa – NEW

A new addition to the catalog to serve all the users that boat the Turkish coast of the Black sea.

Russia & Ukraine

5G632S2 – Sea Of Azov – EXPANDED

The chart now covers the full Sea of Azov.

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