SonarPhone Coupled With the Navionics Boating App is Nothing Short of Awesome

When most people think of advancements in fishing electronics technology, they usually think of bigger and better displays or touchscreens. At I-Cast, Vexilar Inc. introduced the SonarPhone, a sonar fishfinder that transmits a signal via Wi-Fi to any android or iOS smartphone or tablet. The announcement was received with some skepticism, especially from those unfamiliar with Vexilar products. I talked with many anglers and they were worried about the quality of the display, coverage or Wi-Fi, and battery life. Well, I found that the SonarPhone coupled with the Navionics Boating app is nothing short of awesome.

I like the freedom of taking the SonarPhone out in my kayak (because a lot of the lakes I fish have no power motors restrictions--not even electric motors are allowed) and not having to permanently mount it to the hull. I also like the fact that there is no more craning my neck to see the fish finder screen (like in a boat) since the screen is wherever I put it. Plus, with smartphone technology being as good as it is, the display is as good or better than any color fishfinder I have ever seen; it shows fish arcs and bottom density just like a traditional fishfinder.

During testing, I found the Navionics lake charts worked extremely well with the SonarPhone. Using the Navionics apps charts I could follow the underwater structures and confirm that I was on them by using the Sonar application. If I wanted to follow a particular structures depth—let’s say 20 feet--having the splitscreen kept me on track.

I highly recommend the SonarPhone. It will be in the water every time my kayaks are.

All I need now is to have the fish bite.

William Duff (Skeena Outdoor Writing and Photography)

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