Monthly Archives: September 2014

  1. Kitesurf Practitioners Learn About Wind

    If you love to kitesurf as much as I do, the Navionics Boating app is definitely a key support tool! Before you start your day, you need to know the wind direction and speed. There is no point in going to the shore if the wind is not strong enough...
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  2. Navionics at Disney World

    Navionics SonarCharts™ has numerous applications for both saltwater and freshwater activities. Some examples are: to recreate charts after the natural effects of weather to the shore; to learn, for the first time, how the bottom of a lake is...
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  3. SonarChart™ at 0,5 meter contour intervals!

    SonarChart™ at 0,5 meter contour intervals!02 September 2014SonarChart™, Navionics HD bathymetry map, widely available all around the globe, is now even more detailed than in the past! Since the release of SonarChart™, US and Canada...
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