14 New Lakes Released in North Dakota

New lakes were released today for North Dakota.

  • Lake Name
  • Antelope Lake
  • Bader Lake
  • Castle Rock Dam
  • Danzig Dam
  • Dickinson Dike
  • Eppong-Springbrook Dam
  • Flood Lake (South Basin)
  • Goose Lake
  • Grass Lake
  • Harmony Lake
  • Langdon Pond
  • North Lemmon Lake
  • Round Lake
  • St Mary's Lake
  • State
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • ND
  • County
  • Pierce
  • Stutsman
  • Hettinger
  • Morton
  • Stark
  • Williams
  • LaMoure
  • Wells
  • Richland
  • Mercer
  • Cavalier
  • Adams
  • Kidder
  • Barnes

Lake examples downloaded on the Navionics Mobile app for free using Freshest Data, just like your chip!

New lakes will be coming throughout the country over the next several months and this is the next installment. New lakes updates include brand new coverage on new lakes not previously found in Navionics coverage as well as coverage improvements for existing lakes that have surrounding or attached water bodies.

These data updates are an important distinction from the new HD lake data released in parallel these past weeks. Like any Navionics update, these are all published through the Freshest Data. This means that for eligible chips you get Freshest Data updates free for one year. Remember, Freshest Data must be started within one year of purchase so don’t forget to start your year of free updates!

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