249 Ontario Lakes Released

249 Ontario Lakes Released

As part of our ongoing product enhancement efforts, we have just added 249 new lakes in Ontario, Canada. Along with the ones already available within the province, our customers can now take advantage of more than 1,450 lakes in Ontario, and over 6,000 throughout Canada, just in time for ice fishing season! 

This release focuses on lakes located northeast of Lake Suerior, and includes: Aitken, Allan, Allenby, Anjigami, Ash, Audrey,  Aurel, Baker, Bay, Bennet, Big Rice, Bittern, Bone, Bonner, Bourinot, Bovril, Boyle, Brunswick, Buchanan, Buckshot, Burnt, Cameron, Cantin, Carmichael, Claire, Clay, Clear, Como, Cooper, D'amour, Dayohessarah, Dog, Douglas, Duck, Dumbell, Ear, East Trump, Eleanor, Ellen, Esmee , Fergus, Five Pines, Flatt, Foster, Francklyn, Gertrude, Ghost, Goldie, Graveyard, Griffin, Guenette, Guilfoyle, Guilfoyle 17, Guilfoyle 18, Guilfoyle 20, Guilfoyle 21, Guilfoyle 23, Guilfoyle 35, Guilfoyle 37, Guilfoyle 39, Guilfoyle 43, Guilfoyle 69, Guilfoyle 87, Gurney, Haken, Hiawatha, Hillmer, Hopkins, Howells, Howells 19, Inlet, Jinx, Kabenung, Kapuskasing, Kathleen, Keenoa, Kennedy, Kluck, Korky, Lac Brochet, Lac Charrette, Lac Des Isles, Lake No. 9, Lake Placid, Lake R No.17, Lena, Lepp, Lily, Lisgar, Little Cameron, Little Dossier, Little Rice, Little Wawa, Lobo, Lower Aitken, Lower Minnipuka, Lower Prairie Bee, Manning, Margaret, Maxwell, McCowan, McKenzie, McLeister, Meilleur, Mirimoki, Missinaibi, Mons, Mowbray, Muskrat, Nagagami, Nagagamisis, Nameigos, Nansen, Nemegosenda, Neshin, Nonigose, North McCrea, Oke, Old Woman, Opasatika, Oscar, Overhill, Owens 10, Owens 12, Owens 9, Owlet, Pearce, Pearce 12, Pearce 12, Pearce No. 34, Penelton, Potvin, Powell, Prairie Bee, Pratt, Proulx, Radisson, Raft, Remi, Roland, Rufus, Saganash, Sand, Sandshore, Seaton 11, Seaton 12, Seaton 12, Seaton 12, Sensenbrenner, Shack, Shackleton, Shekak, Smith, South Greenhill, South Moosehorn, South Tower, St. Amand, Strickland, Swanson, Sweet, Teetzel 15, Teetzel 5, Thom, Tocheri, Torrance, Usnac, Wabicock, Wabigoon, Walkom, Wanzatika, Watersnake, Wawa, Waxatike, West Kabenung, West Neely, West Trump, White, White Otter, Woodosgoon, Zadi, 64 Unnamed Lakes and several with the same name.

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