U.S. Coastal Charts - Nearly 3,000 More Artificial Reef Locations Added

U.S. Coastal Charts - Nearly 3,000 More Artificial Reef Locations Added

Navionics charts now include nearly 3,000 new artificial reef locations along U.S. coastal waters, including areas offshore from Alabama (1,316), Delaware (133), Florida (201), Louisiana (361), Maryland (42), Mississippi (108), New Jersey (450) and New York (11), North Carolina (62), South Carolina (49) and Texas (200).  The reef areas are designated by fish icons and include marked borders, making them easy to find, and each offers detailed information about its composition, depth and size.

Artificial reefs can be made up of materials such as sunken barges or rubble, and are typically placed by marine fisheries organizations to create habitats for fish. Over time, they become home to large numbers of species including cod, haddock, tautog, cobia, mackerel and many others depending upon the area and time of year. The reefs also attract anglers since they naturally become very productive fishing spots, and can now easily be found on Navionics charts amidst the vast ocean waters.

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