Boating in the Fall

Boating in the Fall

20 October 2014

Navionics charts cover the globe. Our customers living in the Southern Hemisphere are now heading into spring, while plenty of boating days remain in many areas of the north, where the climate and weather allow it. In fact, October, November and even December offer great opportunities for both freshwater and saltwater boating and fishing. Autumn colors up north make a gorgeous backdrop to any boating activity, while further south it’s just a bit more comfortable. You can still go fishing, sailing or motor-boating simply for the sake of spending a bit more time on the water; or even test equipment and perfect regatta techniques because in the summer you never found enough time to do so.

While you take advantage of every fall boat trip, you can enhance SonarChart™. Simply record sonar logs now to see more detail the next time you launch the boat – and even earlier if you enjoy ice fishing. You’ll be able to see the results on SonarChart™ after about one week on plotter, mobile and PC. And, don’t leave valuable sonar logs on your boat all winter long! Before storing your boat, download your sonar logs to a memory card and upload them at While you are sipping hot cocoa in the living room planning next year’s adventures, or trekking across the ice to choose the best spots to drill holes, we’ll continue updating all of our charts. 

Whenever your boating season starts, you can benefit from enhanced SonarChart™ in your favorite spots all season long. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Tropics where boating season lasts all year, you can have continuously improved charts every time you head out. During everyday boating activities, you are likely to run across areas where you would like to see better detail. That’s the perfect time to start recording sonar logs using B&G, Humminbird, Lowrance, Raymarine, Simrad and Garmin  plotters without any special effort. Or, to get the best results, try running over the area in a grid pattern. Simply upload the sonar logs to Navionics and updated SonarChart™ will be available after about one week for you to enjoy for the rest of the season.

Only Navionics receives sonar logs from many plotter brands, and also for mobile (see SonarPhone further on), so we are able to provide you, and all our customers, with the most detailed charts available for whichever compatible hardware you prefer. Even before the first splash, you can update your Navionics cards online with Freshest Data and be sure to start out with the most up-to-date charts.

For the Navionics Boating app on your mobile device, tap ‘Menu>Update All’ to refresh the charts you already have. If you bought Navionics Boating in the free version, purchase the all-inclusive Navionics+ package from “Menu>Charts&Upgrades” to get charts. Navionics+ for mobile provides the same detailed charts found on plotter  and combines three mapping layers: Nautical Charts, SonarChart™ and Community Edits, plus one year of chart updates.

And there’s a fun new way to enjoy Navionics on your mobile device. The new SonarPhone feature lets you view a split-screen display of sonar and charts. It works automatically when connected via Wi-Fi with the SonarPhone T-Box transducer, purchased separately, that’s easy to install on your boat. Not only can you view live sonar, it can enhance the detail of SonarChart™ everywhere you go, available for later download. SonarPhone is available now on Navionics Boating for iPhone and iPad, and is coming soon to Android.