Canada SonarChart™ now live!

Canada SonarChart™ now live!

24 January 2014

Well in advance of ‘ice-out’ Navionics has released the much anticipated Canadian coverage of its award-winning, high definition bathymetry map, SonarChart™, offering anglers and avid boaters an alternative to traditional charts. The potential for SonarChart™ to reveal new detail on any of the thousands of Canadian lakes, including the Great Lakes and Canada’s vast coastal waters is incredible. Even on more remote lakes like Nipigon or Eagle in Ontario or Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, where official charts may not exist or are outdated and lacking in detail, sonar logs contributed by local boaters can generate new detailed SonarChart™.

While SonarChart™ will instantly give many ice anglers some new fantastic details to study, the real fun begins with the spring thaw as more boaters access their favorite waters and take advantage of the community features Navionics offers with SonarChart™. Boaters with compatible GPS chartplotters, sounders and fishfinders can record their sonar logs with a few simple button pushes, and upload them to With every new sonar log, the bathymetric detail becomes denser, more accurate, and more valuable. Updated charts can be downloaded through Freshest Data, the exclusive free online chart updating service Navionics offers to customers.

Throughout the open water season, SonarChart™ will continue to evolve on every body of water where sonar logs have been contributed. Anglers who enjoy Canada’s abundant waters and wide variety of fishing opportunities, such as trolling for walleye on Lake of the Woods, casting for northern pike on Lac Seul, hauling massive white sturgeon out of the Fraser River, or targeting tournament-winning smallmouth around the Thousand Islands, will notice increased detail on the complex waterways, some of which are notorious for rocks and other hazards. Since many species relate to changes in structure, having access to detailed bathymetry helps anglers zone in on patterns, making the difference that will fill the live well – or the freezer.

SonarChart™ is available with Navionics+ Navionics Updates, Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum cards for use in for GPS chartplotters such as Raymarine, Humminbird, Lowrance, Simrad, B&G, Magellan, Murphy, Northstar, Samyung ENC, Sitex, Furuno, and Geonav. Click to find a dealer who carries Navionics. Customers who own a Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum card with an active Freshest Data subscription can download SonarChart™ for free. Others can upgrade online at a reasonable price. Plug your Navionics card into your computer and click Downloads & Updates to see your update options.

SonarChart™ is also available on Navionics iPhone and iPad apps via the Navionics+ In-App upgrade which includes 12 months of updates. The Navionics+ mobile upgrade option will be released on our Android apps soon. 

Rainy Lake

                                                                   Rainy Lake - US/Canada border