Garmin plotter and handheld compatibility announced!

Garmin plotter and handheld compatibility announced!

27 February 2015

Navionics has released a new SonarChart chart card for use with several Garmin GPS plotters and handhelds.

Featuring extraordinary bottom contour detail of up to 1 foot in the US and Canada, the new version of SonarChart™ HD bathymetry map for use in several Garmin plotters offers the most detail available anywhere, and is great for increasing awareness of shallow waters and locating fishing areas at any depth level. The SonarChart™ card also includes navigational aids to ensure a complete resource for any boating activity.

“For the first time, Garmin owners can enjoy the benefits of our innovative, award-winning SonarChart™ cartography.” said Don Black, senior vice president of global sales and marketing, Navionics. “For a very modest investment, boaters can benefit from innovative, award-winning SonarChart™, the most up-to-date cartography available, without having to abandon the familiar look and feel of their current equipment.”

Not only can Garmin customers use SonarChart™ on their plotters, they can record sonar logs and upload them to Navionics to improve their local charts while also benefiting from the entire boating community’s contributions. SonarChart™ harnesses the power of the Navionics Community by accepting sonar logs from a wide range of plotters and mobile devices to ensure charts are up to date and accurate. Uploaded sonar logs from all users are integrated with existing data to generate new SonarChart™ every day. Garmin sonar recordings take about one week to be integrated by Navionics and made available for download with SonarChart™. Updated SonarChart™ can be downloaded anytime, free for one year with the Freshest Data Service.

SonarChart™ is available on mobile and PC too! Boaters simply download Navionics Boating for free on the Apple iPhone or iPad, or compatible Android devices, from iTunes and Google Play and then purchase charts for their region. SonarChart™ is included. Charts can also be viewed online using the free Navionics WebApp which allows visitors to tap the SonarChart™ icon to see the same detail available for Garmin GPS chartplotters.

The new SonarChart™ HD bathymetry map for Garmin plotters card is currently available for regions within the US and Canada at $149, with other regions of the world planned for release progressively throughout 2015. Marine and lakes data are included on the same 4 GB MSD card, which offers a great advantage for people who enjoy boating on both coastal and inland waters.

Verify that your plotter is compatible with this product here, which is continuously updated.