Great Videos about Navionics to Enjoy

Everybody loves watching videos and we have awesome friends who have made some great videos about us. So we’re taking a moment to share them with you!

Mike Readling and Tyler Brinks both enjoy pre-fishing with the Navionics Mobile app.
Video: PreFish
Bass Angler Josh Douglas is always open to teaching you how to get the most out of your equipment and time on the water.  In this video he does a great job demonstrating the new purge function for the Navionics+ card.
Gene “The Fishing Machine” Ellison was kind enough to take a moment while on the water in his Nitro to show off all the contour detail he can see on his Humminbird 1199 unit with his Navionics+ card.
Check out this video and watch Thomas Harris fish for bass on the Chickahominy River in Virginia.
While on Lake Champlain, James Vladyka highlights how cool the geotagged photos and videos feature is on the Navionics Mobile app.
Navionics charts are great to use for sailing, too! Jessica Anderson was in Quebec, Canada this July and shared some video of hitting the water in a MacGregor26.
Here is a short segments that displays the difference in detail SonarCharts™ can show. 
Video: Navionics Segment - Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report - Shark Week
We have more videos up on the Navionics Youtube channel. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss anything!