Help improve charts for Hong Kong!

In November 2014, Navionics removed all data relating to the Hong Kong area by order of the Hong Kong Government SAR that does not permit to any third party to sell their cartographic data. Despite Navionics’ attempts to quickly license data for this popular boating area, there has been little response from local authorities and other local private sources. For further details regarding the removal of Hong Kong data, please directly contact Mr. Michael CM CHAU, Deputy Hydrographer, Marine Department, Hong Kong Government SAR [email protected].

While we continue to pursue the data licensing, as we have already done in most parts of the world, we encourage our users to use some simple and quick crowdsourcing tools that can help to chart quickly and effectively their areas:

  • SonarCharts™ - Any boater with a chartplotter/sonar, can provide sonar logs from which we are able to create an HD bathymetry map for their plotter card 
  • SonarCharts™ Live -  benefit from a fun and effortless way to upload sonar logs! All you need is a plotter/sonar or fishfinder connected to the Navionics Boating app through an NMEA 0183 compatible Wi-Fi router or the SonarPhone T-BOX to enjoy SonarCharts Live and at the same time upload sonar logs.
  • Community Edits - Any boater can add and edit objects to Nautical Charts using the Navionics Boating App and these are shared with all users of the app.

Given the situation in the Hong Kong area, Navionics is ready to help the boaters that are willing to participate in crowdsourcing, so if you have a boat in this area and you are using the Navionics Boating App, we can offer a free mobile fishfinder called SonarPhone T-BOX 200 by Vexilar, to install in your boat.  Using this device, you will be able to view SonarCharts Live in real-time and at the same time submit sonar logs to enhance the SonarCharts. Click here to request your free sample.