How to track your day on the Boating app!

How to track your day on the Boating app!

Keep a record of your activities and share your moments on the water! The tracking feature of the Navionics Boating app is perfect for:

Cruising & Sailing - recall trip details from your favorite destinations; analyze speed data and compare it to previous results
Fishing - return to successful spots

Simply tap Start when you're ready to set off, and the app will record your track using your device's internal GPS. See real-time stats for time, speed, and distance in a customizable display.
Tap Stop to save, pause or delete your track.

Access your saved tracks from Menu > Tracks. You can review the Summary, with track details grouped by seasons, months, weeks, or days (in Android, access it by tapping the icon on the top right of the screen). Search tracks by name and sort by date, distance, speed, and time. Then select and review:

- Tap on the map to playback your track (only on Apple device)
- Go to Records to check your performance
- Check the track Timeline which will include points of interest, panoramic photos and any pictures you took on your way. An active subscription is required for this feature.

Be social and let your friends know about your fun day on the water!

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