Japan and South East Korea, New charts for GPS chartplotters and mobile

Japan and South East Korea, New charts for GPS chartplotters and mobile

16 June 2014Category:Japan and South East KoreaNew charts for GPS chartplotters and mobile.

Navionics is back with brand new charts for Japan and South East Korea. The new data are present in Navionics products for use with the most popular GPS chartplotters and on mobile devices.

Whether you are a boater, cruiser sailor or angler, you can get brand new data for GPS chartplotters by purchasing Navionics+ and Gold. If you already have a card, you can easily update it through an active Freshest Data subscription, free for 12 months.  If the subscription has expired, please contact your dealer to purchase Navionics Updates or update online.

Are you using Navionics cartography on your mobile? You can get the great same detail on Navionics Boating for your iPhone, iPad and for the most popular Navionics certified Android devices: Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S I, S II, S III, S4, Google Nexus7 (1st and 2nd generation), Acer, Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. Download the app for free and shop for your preferred area “China Sea & Japan” chart coverage from a global catalogue within the app.

Navionics Marine iPhone and iPad apps can be updated with the latest data via the Navionics+ In-App upgrade which includes 12 months of updates. Just open your app, select “Menu > Upgrades & Apps > purchase Navionics+”, then enjoy the up-to-date maps. Coming soon to Android!   

Yusuke Miyazaki, winner of Basser Allstar Classic, Japan’s championship event, and Kota Kiriyama, famous bass angler who hosts Kota’s American Dream tournaments in Japan and US, are two Japanese born Navionics Pro Staff who rely on Navionics to compete in the prestigious Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments.

Get to know the level of detail of our charts by zooming in on your favorite areas. Preview for free on Navionics WebApp, the harbor in Kita-Kyushu, the marinas in Kobe, Osaka, and Wakayama, or the ports in Tokyo Bay like Yohokama and Chiba. Check protected anchorage in Shimoda in Shizuoka, around the Miura Peninsula in Yokohama, and in Sasebo and Fukuoka.

If you want to contribute to enriching the cartographic detail, Navionics apps include Community Edits, a feature which allows the user to inject additional, uncharted information, like seasonal buoys, lights, rocks, boat ramps and other marine-related content. Therefore, any boater can contribute! All data collected via Community Edits will appear immediately on any Navionics app and will also be available in a day or two for charts on plotters via Freshest Data. In case you find some cartography problems please get in touch with us through the Contact us section. We are committed to making corrections as quickly as possible and provide chart updates via Freshest Data. 

For further details contact [email protected].