Mobile apps now offer an overwhelming value

Mobile apps now offer an overwhelming value

12 June 2015

The most widely used Boating app for cruisers, sailors, fishermen and divers, delivers an overwhelming value in a one year subscription package for mobile users with Navionics+, because it now adds the amazing tools of Advanced Map Options, Navigation Module and Autorouting (Autorouting not yet available on Android) to the current Navionics+ subscription. Prior to this update, users had to purchase each individually as In-app upgrades. Now, they come with the Navionics+ subscription, which includes:

  • Nautical Charts for all essential cartographic reference detail.
  • SonarChart™ HD bathymetry maps you can enhance, featuring extraordinary bottom contour detail great for increasing awareness of shallow waters and locating fishing areas at any depth level.
  • Community Edits made by users (rocks, wrecks, etc.) and shared for all to benefit.
  • Chart Updates as we deliver more than 2,000 updates every day! Take advantage of updates as frequently as you like! 
  • Advanced Map Options - Highlight Shallow Areas, select Depth Shading, filter Depth Contours, and adjust shorelines to selected Water Levels and choose Fishing Mode to locate key fishing areas. Tap Menu>Map Options.
  • Navigation Module - Advanced route planning with ETA, distance to arrival, heading to WP, fuel consumption and more! Tap Route>Manual Route.
  • Autorouting - Plot a course from dock to dock based on your boat settings and chart data. Tap Route>Automatic Route. 

Current Users
Current users with an existing Navionics+ subscription will get Advanced Map Options, Navigation Module and Autorouting. They can begin using these powerful tools to make the most of their time on the water for the remainder of their subscription. After it expires, users can elect to renew at deeply discounted prices for another year (Menu>Charts) or continue to use the charts they previously downloaded along with the permanent features of the app like Track, Route, Distance, SonarChart™ Live, Plotter Sync and more. Users who previously purchased Advanced Map Options, Navigation Module or Autorouting will keep them.  

New Users
New Users can download the Navionics Boating app FREE version and go to Menu>Charts to select their region for a one week free trial. At the end of the free trial, they can purchase a one year subscription to the overwhelming value of Navionics+ or continue using the permanent features like tracking, routing, markers and more.   

The new Navionics+ is available with iPhone and iPad version 8.0.1, and Android phone and tablet version 5.0.

Navionics Boating is easily found on iTunes for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android Handset and Tablet.