Navionics+ and Updates preloaded now available

Navionics+ and Updates preloaded now available

27 April 2015

Navionics+ and Navionics Updates provide more marine and lakes content and the best value, and now they are available in a new version that is preloaded with some essential content.

The advantage of preloaded charts is that, from the moment of purchase, the card can be ready to use with all content in less time than with fully downloadable versions.

In fact, with Nautical Charts already present on the card, SonarChart™ and Community Edits can be downloaded quickly and easily by activating the Freshest Data service. Free for the first year, Freshest Data offers daily updates to each of these layers.

Navionics+ preloaded requires that Freshest Data is activated within two months from purchase to benefit from the service.

Navionics Updates preloaded, prior to inserting in the plotter, requires a simple unlocking procedure using a chart card from Navionics or another manufacturer. Check compatibility.

Depending on which country you buy from and the area you choose, you will find products that are preloaded and others where you need to download all content before using.