Navionics' Due to Unveil HotMapsPremium at MAATS/ICAST

Navionics' Due to Unveil HotMapsPremium at MAATS/ICAST

07 July 2004Category:NavionicsHotMaps PremiumMAATSICASTCharts

We are very excited about Navionics’ newest inland product offering, HotMaps Premium, slated to be available to the consumer for the 2005 season!

HotMapsPremium incorporates the “best of the best” from our very popular HotMaps, Marine and River products, features many additional lakes, and exclusive to HotMaps Premium, Navionics own HD (High Definition) lake surveys. These exclusive surveys, obtained with the use of state-of-the-art electronics by Navionics' team of expert surveyors, provide bottom detail to 1-foot contours for select lakes throughout the US and Ontario.

Our presence on the finest fishing lakes in the US has not gone unnoticed by hordes of fisherman, many of whom are more than happy to show us their “secret spots” and provide us with invaluable local knowledge assisting in the production of the best electronic lake fishing maps in the world!

The excitement in the market for this product is already tangible, just through word of mouth alone. How good is Premium? Six of our Pro-Staffers used Premium in a major fishing tournament…Four of the six finished in the top 10! All of them said it was thanks to the incredible detail in HotMapsPremium!

When it comes to electronic lake maps, HotMapsPremium is the biggest fish in the lake… and will likely make a "big splash" at the MAATS/ICAST shows in Vegas!