Navionics Engineering Joins the Elite CMM5 Quality Companies

Navionics Engineering Joins the Elite CMM5 Quality Companies

27 September 2004Category:NavionicsEngineeringCMMSQualityCompaniesIndia

Navionics Engineering Pvt LTD of Hyderabad India, a division of the Navionics Group who over 20 years ago was the first in the world to create an electronic chart product, achieved yet another first in the marine industry: on Sept 25, was awarded the highest quality certification according to the CMM standard, thus joining the most elite software quality club. Less than 50 companies in the US have achieved this level, less than 10 in Europe, and none in the marine industry.

CMM, (Capability Maturity Model), originally developed at Carnegie Mellon University, is the most advanced software quality standard in the world. It consists of five levels, with Level 3 being somewhat equivalent to an ISO 9000 certificate, and Level 5 being the highest.

Navionics Engineering had already achieved ISO 9000 certification in the past as part of the CMM process; this in itself was quite an achievement, as it is well known that software quality is difficult to keep under control, and very few companies are certified ISO 9000 specifically for software development.

The CMM standard not only concerns itself with quality of the software, but more importantly with customer satisfaction and on-time, on-budget delivery. In this respect it is interesting to note that this multi-year project has been completed three full months ahead of schedule.

“The award of this prestigious CMM5 certificate seals five years of hard work at Navionics Engineering – said Giuseppe Carnevali, President of the Navionics Group – and provides us with a powerful and innovative tool to serve our customers to their highest satisfaction”

Navionics Engineering provides engineering services to marine electronics manufactures, and with over 130 software engineers on its team, is believed to be one of the largest software factories in the industry.

Navionics Engineering is a division of Navionics S.p.A., Via Vespucci 289 Viareggio, Italy,