Navionics Mobile v3.0 Now Available

Navionics Mobile v3.0 Now Available

18 August 2009Category:Navionics Mobilev3.0iPhonenavigationboating

Provides iPhone users with even more features for their on-the-water adventures

“It’s the coolest app boaters will find on iTunes.”
Innovation Award Winner - National Marine Manufacturers Association

Navionics continues to add even more features and functionality to its award-winning navigation and fishing app for iPhone. iPhone users are quickly discovering the value of Navionics renowned marine charts and lake maps. “Not only are users getting the best available fishing and navigation charts on their iPhone, but they’re also getting tide and current info, and the largest database of specialty marine points-of-interest available,” said Susan James, Mobile product manager for Navionics. James continued, “You can plan your adventures anytime and anywhere… check tides and currents, set routes and markers, and search for marinas. While on the water you can track your navigation, capture geotagged pictures, and create a virtual travelogue of your entire trip that you can share with your friends and family by email or on Facebook.”

What’s new in 3.0?
• Input lat/long coordinates
• Selectable Marker icons
• Screen Lock
• Hundreds of updated map features
• Improved email sharing
• Additional specialty marine POI added, including waterfront restaurants

Check out this list of features!
• Award-winning cartography
• Locate your current position
• View depths in Feet, Meters and Fathoms with user-selectable safety contours
• Measure distance
• View bearing, speed and distance
• Display and save up to 100 Tracks
• Create and save up to 100 Routes
• Place up to 200 digital Markers of your Favorite spots with selectable icons
• Capture geotagged Pictures of your adventures
• Share Pictures, Tracks, Routes and Markers on Facebook or via Email, then view them in Google Earth or Google Maps
• Access the largest database of specialty marine POIs available
• Search Marinas and specialty marine POI, and call with just one click
• Search by Name, Category, Favorite, Recent, or by Lat/Long Coordinates
• Check Tides & Currents, Moon phase, Sun/Moon rise/set
• Monthly chart feature updates… and much more.

Choose from 30 Navionics Mobile app regions that cover the world:
• Navionics Mobile marine apps provide iPhone users with Navionics award-winning Gold/Gold+ Charts in huge XL9-size regions that cover the world.
• Navionics Mobile lake apps provide iPhone users with Navionics HotMaps Premium lake maps in 5 huge regions that cover all of North America.
• Starting at just $4.99 to $9.99 for regions in the Americas; and just €9.99 to €39.99 for ROW (Rest of World).

• Compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS.
• iPod touch (2nd generation) is compatible but with limited functionality (no GPS, no Call).
• Navionics Mobile 3.0 apps require iPhone software version 3.0 or later.

About Navionics®:
For 25 years, Navionics has developed and manufactured electronic navigation charts and systems for marine, inland lakes and rivers, and for outdoors use. Navionics is based in Massarosa, Italy, and operates sales and manufacturing facilities in seven countries - conducting research and development, operations, production, sales, marketing and distribution. Navionics headquarters in Massarosa, Italy serves Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and manages the research, development, and production facilities globally. Navionics US headquarters, based in Wareham, Massachusetts, oversees the Americas. Navionics UK and Navionics Australia provide sales and distribution to their local regions.

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