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HookSet Media is a Minnesota based resource designed for promoting your outdoor business, whether it's a resort, guide service, or product. We do this for groups as well as individuals through video, photos, and print.
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HSM Outdoors
Passion for everything outdoors drives us.

We embrace fishing in all seasons.

We hunt, shoot and allow those seasons to guide us.

HSM Outdoors launched our company as a group of dedicated outdoors men and women with a simple idea. Our growth has been fast and steady.

Our strategy is to showcase the products we believe in tested and proven gear that works. We promote by using strong, useful, narrative tips and tricks in video, film, images and social media platforms. This makes our media content superior. In other words, you as a partner will capitalize on our expertise in virtually all aspects of outdoor recreation.

That's the core of who we are and what we do.

Social media networking and promotions
To promote your products and services, HSM Outdoors works hard to deliver your message on the Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and good ol' newspapers and magazines. Our audience, of course, is aimed precisely at people like us individuals who live to experience everything the great outdoors offers.

We believe social media and the outdoors together are a natural fit. This is the reason we are becoming successful in our content and following. Social media is big. And it's only getting bigger. The potential to grow our business together using social media is endless.

Video productions
HSM outdoors is capable of one stop shopping for film, photo and print productions for your products and services. You and your product will own the spotlight. We believe in urgency, timeliness and accuracy in delivering your message.

Contact us and we will explain how we use our expertise on the ground and translate our knowledge using the power of social media.

Join us we explore business opportunities in the great outdoors.

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HSM Outdoors is "Your Link to the Great Outdoors". For more tips, tricks, and videos. You can follow us on Facebook. #hsmoutdoors 
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HSM Outdoors is Your Link to the Great Outdoors.