Navionics Prostaff Member Wins Initial Round of ESPN's “HOTTEST RIG RUNNING” Contest

Navionics Prostaff Member Wins Initial Round of ESPN's “HOTTEST RIG RUNNING” Contest

29 June 2006Category:NavionicsProstaff MemberwinsESPNHottest Rig Running ContestRay Sedgewick

Ray Sedgwick Named Contest Finalist Among ESPN Elite Series Pro Anglers

Wareham, Mass. and Cross, SC – Navionics, the leader in electronic charting and navigation data, announced today that Ray Sedgwick, an ESPN Bassmaster Elite Series professional fisherman and Navionics product spokesperson, has won the entry round of the Elite Series “Hottest Rig Running” contest and will compete as a finalist in the high-profile national event. The long-time professional bass angler and Navionics pro, received nearly twice the votes of the competition earning him the right to participate in the contest finals.

“Navionics extends its congratulations to Ray for this prestigious recognition,” said Bob Moshiri, vice president of sales and marketing, Navionics. “Ray has long used Navionics charts to help put fish in his boat. Now, with the new distinction as one of the ‘Hottest Rigs Running’, we share in the excitement of having his boat recognized as one of the best looking in the series. We wish Ray the best of luck in the final round of the competition!”

Ray Sedgwick uses Navionics HotMaps Premium Charts to identify fishing structure and transitions that hold bass. HotMaps Premium, with coverage of over 8,000 lakes throughout the US and Canada, is designed for tournament and serious recreational anglers who demand the greatest level of detail and accuracy from their charts. Exclusive to HotMaps Premium are 150 key lakes surveyed by Navionics in ultrahigh-resolution. These key lake maps, with one-foot contours, provide anglers with unparalleled information on bottom features that hold fish and the best path available to reach them. The remaining 8,000 lakes in HotMaps Premium provide up to three-foot contours and exclusive new Canadian lake coverage. In addition, many of the Premium charts identify structure elements that hold fish, such as reefs and vegetation. Information on local amenities, such as marinas and boat ramps to improve fishing excursions are also detailed on the charts.

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