Navionics+ replaces discontinued Gold and HotMaps Premium cards

Navionics+ package and discontinued Gold and HotMaps Premium package

Navionics+ will now substitute Gold and HotMaps Premium cards, which are discontinued as of January 1, 2016. This is great news as Navionics+ offers boaters a better solution and an amazing value since it contains detailed marine and lakes content together in one product that is extremely affordable. And there's also the remarkable option of getting it at half price with Navionics Updates. In Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and South America, Navionics+ is available in familiar Gold coverage areas, while in US & Canada, all Gold and HotMaps Premium regions are included on just one powerful memory card - impressive, unique and a great deal. Navionics+ also includes the award-winning SonarChart™, an HD bathymetry map that provides a separate layer of detail with up to 1 foot/0.5 meter HD contours.

SonarChart™ is great for increasing awareness of shallow waters and for locating fishing areas at any depth level. Moreover, it offers a tremendous benefit since it reflects ever-changing conditions through the contributions from boaters who submit sonar logs recorded using their plotter or mobile device. The most efficient way to enhance SonarChart™ is with SonarChart™ Live, a feature of the Navionics Boating app, because sonar logs are automatically sent to Navionics.

Navionics+ is available in preloaded and fully downloadable versions. The preloaded cards give customers the ability to go from store to boat for the most convenience, while also allowing them to download additional content and updates. The downloadable version enables dealers to satisfy customers who require a coverage area outside those normally stocked, because it lets boaters choose their region online and download up-to-date content where they need it.

In North America, Navionics+ presents a particularly incredible value because the US & Canada region contains the same marine content and more than 18,000 lakes previously offered in two Gold and five HotMaps Premium regions, plus SonarChart™. If purchased individually these charts would have cost nearly $1,200, yet they are all included for only $199 with Navionics+.

Navionics customers who register their cards for Freshest Data within two months from purchase can enjoy free daily updates for one year. With this unique benefit, boaters can access the frequent changes made to Nautical Chart and SonarChart™ as well as Community Edits. After one year, Freshest Data can be renewed at about half price either online or by using a Navionics Updates card.

Navionics Updates offers the same coverage areas as Navionics+, also in preloaded and downloadable versions, so that current owners of chart cards can get the most up-to-date Navionics+ content at a great price. It can be activated using most Navionics cards, and even cards from C-MAP, Fishing Hot Spots, Garmin, LakeMaster, Lowrance, Magellan and TrakMaps.

The complete list of Navionics+ regions includes: Africa & Middle East; Australia & New Zealand; Baltic Sea; Caribbean & South America; Central & West Europe; China Sea & Japan; Greenland & Iceland; Indian Ocean & South China Sea; Mediterranean & Black Sea; Norway; Pacific; Russia West; Skagerrak & Kattegat; UK, Ireland & Holland; US & Canada.