Navionics Unveils 'Good, Better, Best' Line-up

Navionics Unveils 'Good, Better, Best' Line-up

16 February 2006Category:NavionicscartographyGold+boatingChartsNew

Introduction of Gold+ Rounds Out Navionics Marine Cartography Family

Wareham, Mass. – Navionics, the leader in electronic charting and navigation data, announced today its latest marine charting solution, Gold+. Featuring the same cartography data as Platinum, Navionics award-winning flag-ship product, Gold+ offers boaters unparalleled chart accuracy plus a variety of additional features not available in competitors’ offerings. The introduction of Gold+ completes Navionics three tiered Silver, Gold+ and Platinum “Good, Better, Best” line-up allowing boaters to choose a product with the right mix of features that best suits their needs without compromising the quality of their cartography.

“Our ‘Good, Better, Best’ product line was designed based on the on-going conversations we have with every type of boater worldwide,” said Bob Moshiri, vice president of sales and marketing, Navionics. “With Gold+ as an option, boaters can now choose the charts that are best suited for their needs without sacrificing the confidence of owning genuine Navionics cartography.”

Navionics Silver electronic cartography supply recreational boaters with familiar easy-to-read paper-like charts. Based on official NOAA charts, the product delivers Navionics’ unparalleled accuracy and detail at the price of competitors’ base map offerings. It is the ideal solution for boaters who require basic navigation capabilities but are unwilling to compromise quality. Navionics Silver features a new “All-in-One” format with the largest coverage size available; U.S. or Canadian cartography is loaded on one plug-and-play chip for convenient access. Navionics Intelligent ClarityTM makes it easy to see detail at all zoom levels. User selectable safety depth contours and navaids with XplainTM (additional information on landmarks and navigational markers) give boaters the information and clarity required for safe boating. Silver is also NavPlannerTM -compatible allowing boaters the option of preplanning their route on a computer and then uploading it into their chartplotter.

Navionics new Gold+ Charts also use high-quality NOAA-based cartography and provide the same of level of accuracy as all Navionics products. Navionics Gold+ includes all of the capabilities of Silver and adds additional features to help sportsmen and cruisers in their pursuits. The enhanced port services within Gold+ give boaters helpful information on points of interest in any port and a major coastal road network to locate specific amenities. In addition, the coastal road network acts as an aid to navigation. An extensive wreck and diving database is also included with Gold+ to help fishermen and sportsmen identify structure. Navionics Gold+ Charts are available in familiar XL3-size coverage areas.

Navionics award-winning Platinum cartography is the first multi-dimensional charting and navigation product available for marine chartplotters. Platinum includes advanced features such as geo-referenced 3D satellite and high aerial photography overlays, cruising guides, 3D bathymetric views with 360° rotation and pitch, panoramic port photographs, and the U.S. Coast Pilot. Platinum displays navigation aids not visible on ordinary charts increasing peace of mind, and greatly improving any fishing or cruising experience.

All U.S. Platinum and Gold+ customers can receive free high-definition fishing detail by simply filling out and sending in the mailer included in their packaging. Navionics will return a new Fish’N Chip card with enhanced bathymetric detail, ideal for viewing near shore and offshore structure, ledges and canyons for serious fishing. The card is available for U.S. waters and is designed to be used in conjunction with Platinum or Gold+ navigation charts. Boaters use Navionics cartography to reach a destination and then switch to their ‘Fish’N’ Chip’ card to view unparalleled bathy information. Fish’N Chip is an indispensable tool for fishing or for use by any sportsman who require highly-detailed accurate bottom contour information.

Pricing and Availability:
Navionics Platinum is available for $499.00, Gold+ is priced at $199.00 and Silver at $129.00. Navionics electronic charts are currently available at marine and sporting goods stores throughout the United States and Canada. For more information on Silver, Gold+ Platinum, Fish’N Chip, Navionics compatible chartplotters, or to learn more about Navionics and its entire product line, contact 800-848-5896 (toll-free) or visit