NEW Lake Updates - March 20, 2012

NEW Lake Updates - March 20, 2012

20 March 2012Category:lakeUpdatesNewUSfreshest data

The Fishing Season is upon us and Navionics is performing an overhaul of the 1000 most popular lakes in 1 ft contours. Today marks the start of those updates bringing you the best inland mapping capabilities available on the market, period.

The following Lakes have been released:

Lake_Name State Lat/Lon Lat/Lon
Diamond Valley CA 33 40' 56"N 117 03' 6"W
East Tohopekaliga FL 28 17' 37"N 81 16' 58"W
Wallenpaupack PA 41 24' 45.468"N 75 14' 44.88"W
Storm IA 42 37' 37.2"N 95 12' 10.8"W
Brushy Creek IA 42 24' 00"N 93 59' 18"W
Wheeler NC 35 41' 42"N 78 42' 46"W
Brevoort MI 46 00' 0.00"N 84 55' 58.76"W
Chippewa MI 43 45' 14.4"N 85 17' 52.764"W
Crooked MI 44 20' 2.4"N 85 16' 51.564"W
Deep Creek MD 39 30' 3.96"N 79 18' 26.36"W
Mashpee Pond MA 41 39' 39.6"N 70 29' 9.564"W
Wakeby Pond MA 41 40' 30"N 70 29' 08"W
Duck MI 44 37' 51.6"N 85 44' 4.164"W
Big Fish MN 45 30' 48.00"N 94 27' 43.00"W
Big Watab MN 45 33' 7.00"N 94 27' 9.00"W
Buck MN 47 27' 51"N 94 33' 24"W
Lower Spunk MN 45° 37' 06"N 94° 27' 30"W
Middle Spunk MN 45 36' 24"N 94 27' 53"W

Buoys change, pool levels fluctuate, new bottom structures are found, and new contouring detail is constantly being added to our charts by using the latest technology: satellite imagery, airborne laser, sonar, plus hundreds of thousands of changes made by our community members through User Generated Content. This means new data, new boat ramps, new hot spots, new road beds, foundations, creek beds, brush piles, artificial reefs, coastlines, docks, etc. delivered to you via the Freshest Data.

In addition to the above, Navionics spent 2 years developing a new system to produce new lake contours using multiple integrated data sources. The results have proven to be fast, precise, and adjusted for pool level. We have created more accurate contouring in places that previously went unsurveyed. The speed at which Navionics can now improve contouring will open the door for some exciting developments soon to come but we are not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet!

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