New Lakes Released for Wisconsin

New Lakes Released for Wisconsin

11 April 2012Category:NewLakesWisconsinUSfreshest data

Navionics released 8 new lakes in Wisconsin today.

Lake updates can be found on Navionic Marine & Lakes, HotMaps Premium, HotMaps Platinum, Navionics PC application as well as Navionics Mobile applications.

  • Lake Name
  • Gilbert Lake
  • Hartman Lake
  • Jordan Lake
  • Moccasin Lake
  • Moon Lake
  • Reed Lake
  • Upper Eau Claire
  • Youngs Lake
  • State
  • WI
  • WI
  • WI
  • WI
  • WI
  • WI
  • WI
  • WI
  • County
  • Washington
  • Waupaca
  • Portage
  • Oneida
  • Chippewa
  • Sawyer
  • Bayfield
  • Waupaca
  • Lat
  • 43°24'34.80"N
  • 44°19'27.83"N
  • 44°34'48.75"N
  • 45°47'33.10"N
  • 45°10'34.39"N
  • 45°58'42.28"N
  • 46°18'43.78"N
  • 44°19'58.77"N
  • Long
  • 88°15'18.88"W
  • 89°12'44.03"W
  • 89°29'41.64"W
  • 89° 7'35.26"W
  • 91°21'25.66"W
  • 91°14'53.56"W
  • 91°28'43.41"W
  • 89°10'58.22"W

 New lakes will be coming throughout the country over the next several months and WI is the first installment. New lake updates include brand new coverage on new lakes not previously found in Navionics coverage as well as coverage improvements for existing lakes that have surrounding or attached water bodies. As an example, each lake might recieves a new coastline, dock structures, contouring, fish species and locations, vegetation, boat ramps etc. One example below shows the addition of Gilbert Lake to Big Cedar.

These data updates are an important distinction from the new HD lake data released in parallel these past weeks. Like any Navionics update, these are all published through the Freshest Data. This means that for eligible chips you get Freshest Data updates free for one year. Remember, Freshest Data must be started within one year of purchase so don’t forget to start your year of free updates!

To find out more about Freshest Data on lakes <click here>.